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Our Mission

Bruin review is a student-run organization founded in January 2019, dedicated to promoting truth through discourse on the campus of UCLA.

We intend to create productive dialogue and stimulate contention in all of our initiatives. We print two quarterly publications: The Bruin Review (opinion) and News in Review (satire). We host Open Discussions weekly, which are open to all students, in which we discuss controversial topics, hot takes, and new ideas centered around student life and current issues in a civil and respectful way. Additionally we host and publish a podcast, The Break Room, on Spotify.

We acknowledge and celebrate that controversial topics should not invalidate another’s identity or experience and we reject any opinion of this nature. We create an open forum on campus for the discussion, dissemination, and scrutiny of diverse ideas.

We were founded because we found that ideas are no longer studied as subjects of observation and scrutiny; rather, they are endowed to us as delicacies, processed into manageable bites by popular media and our own institution. The Bruin Review was founded to end this soft treatment of ideas. Thought should be forged, not coddled. The Bruin Review aims to provide the necessary tools for scrutiny of thought as a tool for truth. To learn is to be curious, and to be curious is to question. 

First and foremost, we are a society of those who enjoy civil discourse and pushing the limits of their intellect. Second, we are a medium for any responsible message. We hope to bring forward dialogue on issues which affect students’ lives and challenge the status quo of ideas. Not through simple debate, but by productive and sympathetic discussion of things sparsely mentioned.